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About Us

At Open Now Locksmiths, we are honored to be your trusted local locksmith service in the vibrant community of New Tampa, Florida. With 25 years of experience, we’ve established a reputation for excellence and reliability. Our journey began with a dedication to offering professional locksmith services tailored to the unique needs of our New Tampa community.

Our Team:

Our team of skilled locksmith professionals is the cornerstone of our success. Each member is licensed, insured, and dedicated to their craft. We invest in ongoing training to keep them updated with the latest technologies and techniques, ensuring they deliver the highest quality service.

Our Services

Key programming Services Tampa, FL

Key duplication Services New Tampa FL

At Open Now Locksmiths in New Tampa, FL, we provide accurate key duplications for your home, business, or vehicle. Ensure you always have reliable spare keys when you need them.

Key programming Services Tampa, FL

Key extraction Services New Tampa FL

If you have a broken or stuck key in your lock in New Tampa, our experts can safely extract it without damaging the lock, preserving your security.

Key extraction Services Tampa, FL

Key programming Services New Tampa FL

Our New Tampa locksmiths offer precise key programming, including transponder key programming and smart key reprogramming for your vehicle, ensuring seamless functionality.

locksmith for car key programming

Key repair Services New Tampa FL

When your key is damaged or malfunctioning in New Tampa, our locksmiths can diagnose and repair it to ensure proper functionality and your security.

experienced locksmith for car key duplication

Installing or replacing locks New Tampa FL

For reliable lock installation and replacement in New Tampa, trust our skilled locksmiths for your home, business, or vehicle. Enhance your security with our expert services.

rekeying services

Lock rekeying Services New Tampa FL

Our locksmiths in New Tampa provide lock rekeying services to enhance security. Render old keys ineffective and gain peace of mind with new, secure keys.

key duplication services

Lock repair Services New Tampa FL

In New Tampa, trust our locksmiths for lock repair. Whether it’s a malfunctioning or damaged lock, we diagnose and repair it, ensuring your security.

professional locksmith

Lockout services New Tampa FL

Our 24/7 lockout services in New Tampa offer swift and professional assistance when you’re locked out of your home, car, or business. Regain access securely.

professional locksmith

Vehicle lockout services New Tampa FL

In New Tampa, if you’re locked out of your vehicle, our automotive lockout services will quickly get you back on the road. Reliable and swift assistance.

Why Choose Us

  • 24/7 Availability: We offer round-the-clock emergency locksmith services, ensuring you’re never left stranded.
  • Experienced Team: Our team of licensed and skilled locksmiths in New Tampa, FL, is well-trained and knowledgeable in various lock and key issues.
  • Prompt Response: When you call us, our technicians respond swiftly, ensuring you don’t wait long for assistance.
  • Transparent Pricing: We believe in fair and transparent pricing, providing upfront quotes without hidden fees.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Community Engagement: We’re proud to be an active part of the New Tampa community, supporting local initiatives and prioritizing safety.

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